Listen: Connie Constance shares new single ‘James’

You know that feeling of not being able to pull your head through a crush’s sweater because the ideal is too narrow and the expectations too large? The material stretches inconsistently and the attached ribbing clings to the wrong, side of your personal inner-linings in ways which constrict, instead of comfort? When all you want to do is be able to leave the house dressed in affection because undoubtedly, we all could do with some extra loving….

You’ll never get that grief with Connie Constance

Channelling rediscovery as an alteration match made in genre knitted heaven; a message sent straight from the archangels of alternative indie to bless us all with lo-fi rollies and genuine reality; in her latest single ‘James’, Constance has the mind of an artist, and the heart of a conscience who’s lived a lacerate of lives, but none so pertinent, as presently. 

Distinctly ‘trying to stay alive’ whilst narcotics sleep off the morality of forgiveness and forgetting, smearing hope like a sharpie stain on the soul and a precision pulled hole that seems to appear out of nowhere, and simultaneously vanish into smoke in the blink of a daydream, James drools sunbaked vices and the endless daze and confusion of a youth spent in eternity. It takes insight to pen an ‘anti-drug, drug song’ but only one Constance, to self-destruct constructively and turn a hit into something articulately tangible.

‘James’ is as aesthetically individual as a double page spread found in a Soho Newsagents arts magazine. A bare all eye of captured youth- figuratively leaning into a fish-eye lens whilst wearing some kinda sheer two-piece and a pair of remarkably efficient shades- if it’s striking beauty and encouraged expression you’re after, you’ve turned to the right page in your self-discovery.

Here’s an example of how best to engage with a new Connie Constance song:

You have the best fucking time of your life. That will be all. 

Header photo by Jimi Herrtage

We chat to Connie Constance in the brand new issue of So Young. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.