Listen: Cork’s Cardinals Share New Single ‘Unreal’

Cardinals’ latest single ‘Unreal’ is equipped with an abundance of pop culture references. Refreshing, as so much contemporary music tries to delve into un-explored waters. The year is 2024, and let’s face it, no “rock” hasn’t already been overturned. With regards to the novel, or the innovative – they can often instead achieve a kind of simulacrum of culture. A world without authenticity.

This track leaps over that pothole as it begins with the lyric “boys don’t cry.” Sustained open chords form the foundation of this track, and a little feedback is more than welcome. The lead guitar part echoes the style of Albert Hammond Jr – confidently played single notes which add texture and dynamics. Without any unexpected twists or turns, ‘Unreal’ is easy to digest. It wouldn’t be an imposter on the track list for ‘Is This It?’

Cardinals have been praised by many, including Fontaines D.C’s Grian Chatten, who named Cardinals as one of his favourite news bands. Cardinals have clearly followed the pre-requisitioned recipe to achieving brilliant guitar music.

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Photo by Emilyn Cardona

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