Listen: Crack Cloud Announce New Album ‘Tough Baby’ and Share First Taste ‘Please Yourself’

A tormented playground for the warped, wicked, and hopeful, Crack Cloud’s ‘Please Yourself’, is a brandished flame in the bottomless altar of life. A three-minute epic that howls in the face of paradoxed existences and “compromised security”, in this tale of infinite curiosity, rhythmic-sticky-tack holds together fragments of a tortured mind; mindfully ornating a universe full of insecurity, sins, and engineered artistry.

Two years on from their debut record Pain Olympics, and Crack Cloud are creatively-all-the-wiser. In a fucked up world of narrative influence, “Earth is one tough baby”. But, with two fingers held skywards and an army of followers in the fiery depths below, Crack Cloud craft a philharmonic orchestra of freaks, weirdos, and musical-mavericks.

Short, strange, and crucially empowering ‘Please Yourself’ is a masterful re-introduction to a group we daren’t forget. Thematically authoritative, this self-imposed mechanism for artistic healing, will no doubt work wonders on any  mind, body, and collective soul that crosses its path.

Photo by Fahim Kassam

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