Listen: Crack Cloud Return with New Single ‘Blue Kite’ and Announce New Album ‘Red Mile’

Crack Cloud return with their latest release, ‘Blue Kite’, finding positivity in punk, potency in the moment; moving away from the destructive urgency that epitomised their past.

Crack Cloud are looking inwards with insightful introspection, “born to make this song”, a critical but collective effort; one filled with forgiveness and a desire to move forwards, “road to recovery an early talking point, new sensations but still broken at the joint.” through life-affirming escapades; Such as the making of ‘Blue Kite’, a journey into the Mojave Desert, a place natural and elemental. 

Inspired by the contentious and once banned film of the same name, ‘The Blue Kite’, Crack Cloud explore the ability of one’s environment and experiences to inform behaviours; the role of social conformity with its promises of acceptance opposed to an innate drive for self-discovery through practices of escapism. As moments of peaceful retrospection can offer release from the confines of imposed consent towards norms of cultural correctness. Like, Tian Zhuangzhuange, Crack Cloud are not seeking permission to create, for their creation has come about by existing on their own terms. 

‘Blue Kite’ is clearly influenced by late 1970s punk rock, with it being sonically a return to the simpler scheme of punk music, as opposed to the currently abundant, relatively extravagant post-punk. ‘Blue Kite’ questions the tropes of the rock-n-roll lifestyle, its history of destruction and delinquency, now Crack Cloud are trying something new, “Striking balance, all the years of push and pull”. The punk sound, the grit of lyrical delivery, the playful guitar soliloquy and optimistic melodies – think Johnny Thunders, think Richard Hell – is driving downwards, a free-falling skydiver, plummeting to the surface. Yet, what truly elevates the song is the string section, free from gravity and pressure, upwards it goes travelling on the warm thermals away from all the structure beneath, the social pressure, the ‘Blue Kite’ attempts escape.

Making peace with themselves and their mythology, accepting rather than self-depreciating, Crack Cloud are beginning again whilst retaining the lessons of their past. Trying to soar above the branches that seek to capture them. More is to come from Crack Cloud with the album, ‘Red Mile’, out July 26th on JAGJAGUWAR. After listening, there is reason for hope, the words – “In the Winter Night, I’m the blue kite” linger long after the song ends.

Photo by Megan-Magdalena Bourne

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