Watch: Crack Cloud share ‘Ouster Stew’ and announce new album ‘Pain Olympics’

Crack Cloud, whether they purposefully intend to or not, always subvert your expectation.

Through some of the most highly regarded early releases of the last few years, the Canadian collective drew from intense yet undeniably infectious foundations – tracks that only heightened their mysticism and simply hinted at the transcendence the group would aim for. What was to come was a near complete evolution – their sound metamorphosing so to devour all manner of desires, satiating a hunger shaped by the content overload of the modern era. Now, the group are ready to unveil their mission statement – a flicker of hope in between a triggering past and an uncertain future. This is ‘Pain Olympics’.

‘Ouster Stew’ is the colourful opening ceremony of the next chapter for this ever intriguing group. Eliciting the perturbed atmospheres of the earlier work – the track rattles like a constantly recoiling firearm, sounding unfathomably bold in production and fragmenting into innumerable different pieces of work all at once.

Everything feels combative here, shrill pinches of guitar are usurped by sudden splurges of grand piano or ghostly synth, drums fly off the handle in what feels like everything suddenly stopping on a battlefield. It’s chaotic yet so tightly wound together, illogically seamless for what’s going on around them.

Yet the group stand tall, cult-like, an invested union of desire for a better tomorrow. Zach Choy, amongst delivering that discombobulating drum solo, vocally surges and wretches with adamancy, the deep burl of chanting amongst him solidifying their unwavering steadfastness within a cataclysm of noise.

They may be animated and indescribable, but Crack Cloud’s uncompromising vision is perhaps the strongest around.

‘Pain Olympics’ will be released on July 17th via Meat Machine. Pre Order here.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.