Listen: Damefrisør unveil the majestic ‘And You Know’

There’s a humbling earnestness to Damefrisør that can’t be imitated. For all the grand scale of dissonance and allure that their music explores, there’s a romantic, unflinching desire within to express themselves as wholeheartedly as they are possibly allowed. “And You Know”, while pent up with anger and disdain, is heavily bruised and unafraid to show that.

The track is beautifully textured, drenched in trembling reverb but basking in a bright, almost optimistic tone – as if finding a sense of finality in the cacophonous noise washing over them. While considered in its many folds, its pertinently brash – the narrative delivered with vigour and restless indignation while retaining a humble sense of respect and understanding, defining the emotional bearing of our relationships with each other and the need for give and take.

As the spite and distaste grows, the ever growing need for personal reflection engulfs the lingering notions – firmly ensuring the obvious, that we should all look on ourselves and the way we treat other human beings before bearing the judgement of others. Having lifted the weight off their shoulders, Damefrisør wash their hands of it, dealing a final  “and now you know” before passing in atrophy, lingering well after they find their closure.

Header Photo by Dashti Jahfar