Listen: Darling Darling Share Debut Single ‘Paint It Sister’ via Honeymooner Records

Darling Darling share debut single ‘Paint It Sister’ via Southampton’s Honeymooner Records.

In a universe where the heart can travel down any path it may desire, it makes sense that Darling Darling would manifest as the theatrically moody kin to the French Riviera ‘Bubble Palace’ of Pierre Cardin.

Pairing swoon worthy poeticy with cosmically-suave delusions, like wallpaper crafted out of optical illusions and eyes in the sky that follow your every “simple voyeur”, ‘Paint It Sister’ is an “earnest-cum-sardonic observations of our lives”, in the dead of the painted night.

Channelling the meticulous oddities of Alex Turner, with Supergrasses’ ‘Marie’ (if said protagonist were to embrace her surrealist desirability), ‘Paint It Sister’ won’t shed her skin and reveal what we wanna know within, but she’ll surely take you to the point where hooked-menace meets the tide in luna undulations.

Gorging on subliminal mundanity takes bona fide commitment to the cause, but Darling Darling has a gut of psychedelic-steel and conceptual-flora a-plenty.

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