Listen: London’s DEADLETTER Share New Single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’

After an entire year spent cooped up indoors watching every series, film and documentary known to man, does anyone else feel like the novelty’s wearing thin? Date night at the flicks: the smell of freshly made popcorn wafting down the corridor, whilst you cosy up and switch off as the big screen engulfs your peripherals. You just can’t beat it. With streaming giants threatening the future of this sacred celluloid experience, London post-punks DEADLETTER pay homage on their new single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’. 

Summoning their soundscape with jagged-edged riffs and urgent percussion, the five-piece are both unforgiving in nature and harsh in delivery. Frontman Zac Lawrence’s distorted vocals are drenched in ferity and with all the trimmings of a Gang Of Four number. With ferment talks of moguls, tyrants, dictators and the like, you’ll soon be cancelling your subscriptions and waiting patiently for the cinemas to reopen. That said…we could be waiting a while. Thankfully we have DEADLETTER to keep us motivated in the meantime. 

Lawrence expands: “We are being sold free choice at the click of a button, when in reality our options are shrinking as monopolistic corporations haunt every item of consumption, as we are algorithmically given a narrow margin of preference which blinds us to any true alternative. The fall of the big screen is imminent, and this is our cry of understanding.”

At the forefront of London’s grassroots music scene and known for their charged live sets, this latest single is yearning for an overcrowded setting. A hearty taste of what’s to come, the London locals are sure to be championing the safe return of live music one thunderous release at a time. 

Photo by Alessandro Raimondo

We chat to DEADLETTER in the new issue of So Young. Its sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.