Listen: DEADLETTER share debut track ‘Good Old Days’

It is without question that in times of chronic unknown, we tend to turn to the familiar to patch the pain. The creature comforts nestled in the scalps of our routine greedy subconscious, the seemingly ‘timeless’-tic that keeps us itching for new this, and new that, and everything in-between. Breaking all expectations, when that from which our stimulus-seeking nature relies on is taken away… what more can we do but re-fall in love with our granted, in a whole new shaded light.

Today’s round is on London’s Deadletter. Stepping up to pass around tasters of our favourite congregated grot, Deadletter have by-collected chance, managed to capture nostalgia for a not so long ago series of ‘Good Old Days’ – and they’ve achieved such by genuinely, just doing their thing.  

Whirring chaos like a Spike Milligan tale for the blazer donned wicked, Thunderface meets Big Grey Wolf in a bid to keep the habitual court appeased and prepped for return. This may not be the good old days we think we remember but, it’s certainly a freshly polished hinge on the backdoor to our favoured, underground dwellings. 

Toying as an electrical-slinky attempting its way both back up, and, down the uninhibited cracks it’s found itself falling through, there’s an infinite spiral of confident shift we can crawl beside with these guys. Deadletter are without question, our comrades through this. One’s of such who’ll entertain inspirit, for as long as it takes to count the steps back towards normality.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.