Listen: deathcrash share cinematic new single ‘People Thought My Windows Were Stars’

A scintillating arrival – deathcrash share their first piece for Untitled (recs) in the form of the suspenseful and euphoric ‘People thought my windows were stars’.

Fifteen minutes that seamlessly ebb and flow like high and low tide viewed at blearing speed – deathcrash reach for a sense of hope, defined hand in hand by the swell of mood that varies in instability and the souls that imprint upon this uncompromising piece – attempting to hold onto a continuous sense of aspiration through near constant hardship.

Where other post-rock contemporaries feel the need to favour technicality in favour of emotional atmosphere, deathcrash’s stark minimalism – trembling in a simmer – is much more affecting, advocating more for the way in which they use the space and atmosphere they are present within. Its stuttering cacophony would rather make itself sparse than boastfully hog the focus, intensifying the eventual emotional release through quite beautifully pirouetting guitar and emphasise of volume. The dynamism here is overwhelming – unquestionably cinematic in its deliberation yet still grounded and full of resolve to embrace materiality.

It’s a stunning composition, entranced by the delicate nature of human will and within that exploring their own desire for contentment.

‘People thought my windows were stars’ is out now via Untitled (recs) and Blank Editions.


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