Listen: deep tan share new single ‘deepfake’

It’s an overstatement, but the internet can be a dark, insidious place.

As deep tan explore through their new single ‘deepfake’, the notion of consent is distastefully warped by the perturbed nature of the internet’s vastness, and the deceptive nature of the human condition. It’s acutely felt here – as the group attempt to comprehend how permission can be disregarded in such a way.

The elusive trio have shed themselves of their spectral synth atmospherics for something undoubtably more venomous, yet remain pivotally focused and equally enigmatic. The lyrics veer between calculated, assured French and ghostly cold English – capturing the sheer dismay for the matter at hand – an exasperated examination of the dark fascination with the immoral and threatening  practice of deepfakes.

Whats always been so invigorating about deep tan is their unpredictable and restless songwriting – subtle and fatal in its suddenness. It’s very much on offer here – the track worming itself around your neck, asphyxiating the narrative as it becomes louder and more empowered.

The way in which they channel vilified expression is much more intelligent and coy than the direct forthrightness of many of their contemporaries – and it makes for a constantly intriguing and more impactful listen.

Header Photo by Mélia Beaudoin