Listen: Deep Tan return with Double-AA Singles ‘Shimmer’ and ‘Constant Inconsistencies’

When Deep Tan arrived with the beguiling ‘Air’, their atmospheric and infectious debut single, the trio made a mystifying and wholly engrossing introduction. 

Brooding and guarded while resonating powerfully within simmering, off-kilter musicianship – their assured ability to weave deep-rooted, relatable apathy for those that deceive into a poignant, poetic narrative immediately struck a chord.

Now the group have returned, with two brand new singles in the form of the similarly contemplative ‘Shimmer’ and the darker, more frustrated ‘Constant Inconsistencies’. Two vastly contrasting singles that show the purposeful variety that Deep Tan can provide.

‘Shimmer’ is an enveloping, hypnotic pop song – rich with oscillating, textured guitars and the trio’s ethereal harmonics. Striking in its production and crystallised by a subtle sneer at malignant people – cleverly cloaking their own disdain with spectral atmospherics.

‘Constant Inconsistencies’ is the strongest of the two, a more empathetic and human need that’s channelled into a biting and intense piece of minimalism. Stripped back to its primal foundations, its sudden and biting – buoyed by its assuredness and allowing us more of a insight into the provoked focus of Deep Tan.

Header photo by Mélia Beaudoin