Listen: Delmer Darion Share New Single ‘White Dawn Fog’ Ft. Anna B Savage and Announce Album

Experimental electronic producer duo Delmer Darion announce second album ‘Tall Vision-of-the-Voyage’ with release of new single, ‘White Dawn Fog’ (ft. Anna B Savage).

Three years after releasing their debut album, ‘Morning Pageants’ (2020), a sprawling, largely industrial ten-track account of the death of the devil, the duo return with a chilling single which breathes in tales of the past and breathes out a narrative tinged with an alien futurism. 

‘White Dawn Fog’ is an unassuming introduction to an episodic and ambitious second album which is set for release on 15 September. Subtle in its approach, Anna B Savage’s emotive and brooding vocals melt like wax over the industrial clanging of some metallic beast awakening. The effect is not dissimilar to listening to lost archival footage played through some ancient patched-up machine.

The final track in the album’s first of two halves draws a collection of stories about human achievement and ambition to a close. While the first few tracks recount record breaking feats, from reaching the south pole, to land speed records, and deep sea diving, ‘White Dawn Fog’ explores the launch of a rocket that soared past the Kármán line into space. Fitting then that what follows is a launch into the album’s otherworldly second half, an 18-minute spoken word epic rooted in Arthurian legend, narrated by award-winning Welsh actor Morfydd Clark, about the sinking of HMY Iolaire – an Admiralty Yacht that sank off Stornoway harbour on 1 January 1919. 

‘White Dawn Fog’ is one haunting and disorientating layer of a multifaceted album which defies any and all expectation of what an album ‘should’ be. It’s worth acquainting yourself with its first offering lest the rest hit you like a tonne of (exceptionally well-produced) bricks.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Grab a copy in print here or read the digital edition below.