Listen: Deptford’s Lou Terry Shares New Single ‘Canyon’ via The State51 Conspiracy

Evoking the feeling of a long, lonely walk along an empty rural road, Deptford songwriter Lou Terry’s latest single, ‘Canyon’ is a gentle, mournful call into undulating hills. In such vast emptiness, devoid of any other voice for miles, it’s a hope cast into the ether, yearning for an echo to break the silence.

In ‘Canyon’, Terry withdraws from the world, feeling as if it’s the only way to protect himself from the overwhelming insignificance of his efforts to make a difference. His vocals lie softer and more vulnerable, floating over the instrumentation, delicately dancing between fragility and fortitude. A warmly picked guitar meanders through the melody, wrapping around these feelings of helplessness with its wistful folky tone. Atmospheric synth drones rise and fall, while strange, percussive textures clatter around, their irregular patterns reflecting the erratic nature of a restless mind.

Speaking on the release, Terry shares that, “It’s for anyone who’s holding themselves together or is falling apart right now – I think the world is quite difficult to wake up for at the moment, and (for me at least) this easily leads into an often immobilizing depression, I kind of just want to climb into a bunker and forget about it all. It can lead to feelings of shame about feeling inactive or ineffectual at making a difference (like ‘throwing feathers into a Canyon’). But at the same time, you somehow need to wake up more than ever, and find the strength to put your voice and your body in the path of the destruction that’s relentlessly pedalled by our government, the police and institutions that maintain and allow this to be our status quo.”

Signed to The state51 Conspiracy record label, Terry’s live performances have garnered him spots sharing the stage with acclaimed acts such as Black Country, New Road, and Piglet. His captivating presence even left John Cooper Clarke in awe, causing him to miss his train home.

Photo by Louise Mason

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