Listen: Ditz share ‘Role Model’ ahead of their forthcoming ‘5 Songs EP’

We’re in the murkier end of confinement now. A few weeks have turned into a month and fifty-nine days on our “Role Models” are handling our well-being with the most threatening levels of near-worthlessness. 

If you think this is overwhelming then you’re walking down the right thin line.  

For Ditz, ‘Role Model’ is a gate opening towards a much larger revolution and it acts as a marker for the swarming assembly to pursue. An erratic alliance between Brutalism and environment, it spends its short lifespan roaring and interrogating , brewing dynamism from the bristly undergrowth of seething post-punk.

In the caverns of Ditz, universal discord sits side-by-side with the breathtaking. This gang of five grab anarchy and stick their nimble limbs noisily through it, all in a bid to further emphasise their now signature lyrical awareness. ‘Role Model’ leaves a bigger bruise than if you smeared muddy purple greasepaint into the caverns of your under-eye-bags and it takes true craft to do so with such distinction with nothing but a penchant for public bone rattling. 

Ditz know how to make a name for themselves, and they continue building this with reputable rampage.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.