Listen: Divorce Share Their Balladry New Single ‘Checking Out’

Where campy westerns deal with the eternal struggle between sheriff and outlaw, and a country ballad reveals the melodrama of bygone gender-roles, Divorce’s latest single ‘Checking Out’ squeezes both into 4 minutes and says ‘Hey, look at this!’

The single (released ahead of their debut EP ‘Get Mean’) reads like a stranger-than-fiction newspaper clipping, the type which haunts you for a few days. Atop of overdriven guitars, our anxious-attachment-style narrator declares ‘this front room ain’t big enough for the both of us’, and murders her negligent and aptly named husband ‘Bobby’.

Tiger Cohen-Towell says that: ‘The track was written when a group of musician’s friends and I did a songwriting exercise […] I wanted to writer something that was as a far away from myself as possible, I was tired of my own personal narratives.’ With the hook placed pleasingly at the turnaround and genuine character development, ’Checking Out’ is proof of Divorce’s knack for catchy storytelling.

Photo by Meadow Florence

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