Listen: Nottingham’s Do Nothing release new single ‘Gangs’

Are you ever filled with existential dread upon returning to your hometown? Returning to some old pub that should’ve died out half a decade ago to meet up with your old pals and not being able to really shake the sudden lack of achievement that brews inside you? Imagine living that out from here on out. It’s pretty stifling – and Do Nothing do an impressive job of embodying that within something taut and intelligent.

A sharp, dry and considered diatribe – Do Nothing conjure up indignant feelings towards life after aspirations die, with unsuspecting and infectious hooks as much at the forefront as their wit-filled turns of verse. ‘Gangs’ definitive lack of hope is made the more humorously prevalent by their relatable, unadulterated barbs – “Leave people in the dark long enough, they are bound to start fucking each other”. Amongst a debilitating housing crisis, repugnant power hungry retail bosses and living for the weekend prophesies, Do Nothing’s perpetual indifference bred through experience feels surprisingly refreshing.

We’ve added ‘Gangs’ to The So Young List on Spotify. Find it here.

Header Photo by Dan Kendall