Listen: Do Nothing return with new single ‘Glueland’

Nottingham’s Do Nothing, are the sardonic-serving epitome of a set of left-handed scissors. Characteristically specific, alternatively-functioning and timelessly designed to be slightly challenging for all users. Their latest single ‘Glueland’ is a uniquely catered handiwork, of finely-cut craft. 

A skilfully raucous routine of claustrophobic acrobatics – like trying to change a king-size sheet in a heaving big-top circa the creation of the ‘American Dream’. ‘Glueland’ is a spectators exhaust, ring-led by a rhythmically challenged middle-man and “no-one at the wheel”. 

Performing anthemic observations to a nation in solitude is no easy feat yet still it’s here in their pit of alluring chaos, the four-piece demonstrate declarative showmanship like the masters of hybrid-mundanity we’ve grown to expect.

At a time where it takes an awful lot to feel anything at all, ‘Glueland’ is a handful of cynical-sincerity from a gang who’ll make you feel alive for a long-while to come.

Photo by Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

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