Listen: Do Nothing return with new single ‘LeBron James’ via own imprint Exact Truth

Do Nothing are out for Billy McFarland. 

The deplorable criminal behind everyone’s favourite shit show Fyre Festival is a less of a business founder, more fraudulent scum – and one of the most exciting groups to arrive in 2019 are ready to give their two cents on him and other pieces of shit like him with their new single ‘LeBron James’.

While this is of course an incensed diatribe against shady characters like McFarland, it also explores our gullible nature as a society, the anger we feel for falling for such deception and how we are also pretty obsessed with such deceit and the failure of other people’s perception.

This is Do Nothing’s sharpest take yet – bounding, cleverly seedy instrumentation coaxes you in before Chris Bailey once again takes the reigns – emphatic, considered and deftly antagonistic. As he subtly transforms from wallowing defeatist to rabid voice of the people – with all the biting wit that has quickly come to define the group – the matter really hits you, coy and slow-burning, the sardonic idiosyncrasy breaking through like a punch in the gut.

As he screams “are you outside of your mind“, you realise this is the definitive and most exhilarating moment we’ve heard from Do Nothing yet.

Header Photo by Tom Morley