Listen: Dog Race Share Their Debut Single ‘Terror’

Bedford newcomers Dog Race, transmute the fear-inducing experiences of parasomnia into the playful hypnotic earworm that is their debut single, ‘Terror’.

In essence, ‘Terror’ captures tormenting, sheet-soaking episodes; body-thrashing dreams, and dishevelled mornings caused by a haunting series of anxiety-ridden night terrors. As you are eased into a peaceful slumber, slender guitar lines, shadowy drones and breathy melodies begin to creep out- looming over bed corners with a suffocating menace. Yet, Dog Race has thrown a pale bed sheet over the inexplicable. Given it a pair of shades and taught it a couple of moves. What remains, is something endearing.

Marrying the buoyancy of DEVO with the lulling tones of bands like Porridge Radio and English Teacher, Dog Race’s gothic grandeur is captured by heart-pounding addictive rhythms. As this ghostly single dances away the night, airy guitars and crunching synths join vocals gasping awake; pulling away from a nocturnal inner life.

Speaking about experiences with DPDR (Depersonalisation/Derealisation Disorder), vocalist Katie Healy explains, “I would frequently wake up screaming in the night due to night terrors. I tried to encapsulate something that spoke of a period of turmoil but important growth in my early 20s, an experimental experience where I thought if I’d embrace these night terrors instead of hiding from them in the hope I could put them to rest completely.”

Dog Race has offered up just a morsel of what’s to come, but in doing so, they have effortlessly crossed the finish line of the first round. They still have a long way to go before they can challenge for any titles, but bookies have already got their eyes fixed on this band.

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