Listen: Drahla Return with New Single ‘Default Parody’ and Announce New Album ‘angeltape’

Almost five years since their debut record ‘Useless Coordinates’, Drahla have made a much-anticipated return with new single ‘Default Parody’ which lays the foundation for a sophomore set to exceed the brilliance of their first.

Announced yesterday, Drahla’s ‘angeltape’ is due to land in early April via Captured Tracks. According to the band, the record aims to reflect the variety of change and unfamiliarity experienced during the last half-decade. Laden with grief and loss, it’s been no easy ride for the band, who have returned with a noticeably darker and ‘tonally complex’ sound heard in ‘Default Parody’.

This track has that muted string strumming technique typically an ingredient in the Crack Cloud recipe for a solid hit. Although it’s the bass which drives the song forward, an irresistible lick. “It’s controlled chaos”, says vocalist Luciel Brown, “lots of different ideas that resolve at some strange harmony. It was the first realisation of writing something from start to finish with the addition of Ewan on guitar so there’s more freedom of interplay and from our previous roles in the band.”

Photo by Drahla & George Brown

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