Listen: Drahla Return With New Single ‘Under The Glass’

It has been a gruelling two years since anyone has heard from the jazz-decorating, cryptic art-punks Drahla. Having been sorely missed, today they return with a schedule of new shows and their delightfully amorphous new single: ‘Under The Glass’.

Fog-horned sax lines rip open one of the band’s most energetic pieces to date; perfectly coasting listeners back into the docks of their idiosyncratic approach. As drunken drum rhythms stagger about- methodically tripping over pummelling chaos, corrosive guitar and saxophone lines uniformly stutter with jarring jabs.

How could we talk about Drahla, without mentioning Luciel Brown’s distinct vocal style? Her nonchalant speak-sing plays around with an opaque, metaphorical lyricism, whilst distorted overdubs climb out of the uncanny valley. Creating an almost surrealistic Hannah Höch collage, Drahla splices together early ideas with their new evolving sounds.

‘Under The Glass’ is an enticing rabbit hole, accentuated by more-ish motifs that pull you in deeper with every note. The band explain that: “‘Under the Glass’ represents a moment of creative reconnection, almost a sense of euphoria in the darkest moments—an awaited, yet slight, respite from reality.”

With album two now in the works, fans will be eagerly watching how Drahla proceed to follow up the uncompromising statement of their debut album ‘Useless Coordinates’. If ‘Under The Glass’ is any indication, then we are all in for a treat.

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