Watch: Dream Wife are back in action with ‘Sports!’

Dream Wife are an unwavering force – raucous, assured, unquestionably in control.

With the resounding acclaim they’ve received since the release of their first album, Dream Wife smashed through and laid down their terms. Now, with their second record ‘So When You Gonna…’ on the way, they’ve dropped a reverberating statement of a first single in ‘Sports!’

This is unquestionably the most suitable next step for a group who can be riotous and commanding in complete equal measure. ‘Sports!’ embraces more of a pop sensibility, the sharp melodic intakes are bold and animated, just a little bit cheeky but still grab you by the throat. As day-glo synth loses its mind amongst a thick sandwich of distortion, Rakel, Alice and Bella come at you from all angles, cold, provoking and deviously brilliant.

If this is the direction we can expect from Dream Wife, then there’s a whole lot to look forward to from the trio – ‘Sports!’ an early example that they can channel their unwavering energy into something undoubtably infectious and noteworthy.