Listen: Drug Store Romeos share new single ‘Quotations for Locations’

Drug Store Romeos have quickly cemented themselves as an pleasingly enigmatic anomaly in the context of pop.

Their music floats amicably between the abstract and infectiously concrete – crafting the cinematic, tangible image of bobbing along a shoreline filled with radiant, glowing life. Their desire for balance of the literal and imaginative has always immediately exuded a sense of mysticism – and with new single ‘Quotations For Locations’, they’ve crafted another alluring moment that you can’t wait to explore deeper.

‘Quotations For Locations’ is DSR at their most minimalistic, channelling woozy ambience yet ensuring the singularity of each element as if each part is an equal statement of intent. Sarah Downie’s blithe narrative is bold and full of clarity – her voice playfully clicks and quivers, toying with the space around it and embracing the subject of motion palpably. That’s not to say what blossoms around her isn’t also enrapturing – its perhaps even more compelling than before, yet it builds so succinctly that in it sitting so directly at the front of the mix, its teasing you in.

It’s a bashful yet captivating moment, the textural refining of their sound in production simply aiding in ensuring it’s enchantment. Drug Store Romeos are becoming an increasingly enticing act.


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