Watch: Drug Store Romeos share the enveloping ‘Frame of Reference’

When a group is in the stage of slowly but surely introducing themselves – and presenting what they stand for – into an increasingly more distracted audience, it becomes more and more difficult to truly cement yourself. Within two singles, Drug Store Romeos have done this with aplomb, simply by having a keen sense of intrigue themselves.

The transition for them evokes the feeling of jumping into briskly cold waters in the dead of night – the melancholic wonderings of ‘Now You’re Moving’ dissipating across the meniscus into further tangible curiosity and stimulation.

Where ‘Now You’re Moving’ fully enveloped itself in its ethereal pool of shimmering instrumentation and nature-inspired philosophy, ‘Frame Of Reference’ feels more grounded yet just as enrapturing – the snappy, triggering beats a welcome layer to their textured sound as the trio dance freely across its bouncy foundations.

The track was birthed embodying the stripped back and minimal nature of the trio’s live set – endearing, gentle and engrossing. The fact they’ve been able to embody this across record is substantial – the naïve wonder of the delivery belying the intelligent and explorative desires of its creators.

It’s exploration in escapism for more physical senses.

Photo credit: Melanie Hyams, collage by Sarah Downey