Listen: Drug Store Romeos Share ‘What’s On Your Mind’ and Announce Debut Album

Drug Store Romeos share ‘What’s On Your Mind’ and announce their debut album ‘The World Within Our Bedrooms’, released on the 25th of June, via Fiction Records.

Streamlining conscience psychedelia as a “journey of emotions and colour schemes”, ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is every bit the head-rushed encompass we’ve grown to adore from Fleet’s Dream-Pop-come-cosmos-crusaders, Drug Store Romeos. 

Continually expressing chiffon-refrain through dainty, romantic crooning, Drug Store Romeos have developed a deeply delved access into the softly-spoken recess of our contemporary psyche. Mixing primary elements of synthesised sweetness and hypnagogic-hue, a tonal experiment that results in a crystalline sound-bath adorned with a top-layer of stardust.  ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is every bit a safe-space for luscious daydreaming and beauteous renewal. 

Where eccentricity meets fairytale tradition like an extract out of John Cecil Clay’s ‘Cupid’s Almanac’- a natural love-affair in which flora manifest surreally into Edwardian painted ladies, ‘What’s On Your Mind’ doesn’t require a great deal of concentration, yet its heart is the truest form of essential escapism.

Photo by Neelam Khan Vela

Issue Thirty of So Young is out now. It’s sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.