Listen: Dry Cleaning release ‘Goodnight’ from debut EP ‘Sweet Princess’

Every friendship group has that one person who we love immensely but are also slightly terrified to get on the wrong side of. If you can’t think of an example then odds are it could be you but, in the case of surreal post-punkers Dry Cleaning, we’re all just as bad as each other. 

“Some bitch with a plaster on her face is laughing at me”.

The second single from the four piece’s highly anticipated debut EP ‘Sweet Princess’, ‘Goodnight’ is truly a directly hectic embodiment of what could be a group chat to end all group chat’s- but, rest assured this content is too good to put on mute. A lyrically mouth-watering smorgasbord of inner monologues, YouTube comments (only the brave dare to explore this world) and phrases collected from TV adverts, singer, Florence Shaw is so addictively dead-pan in deliverance and openly interpretable that, to be able to latch on to every single rhythmic stream of consciousness, it’ll indefinitely take more than your weekly brain-exercising crossword session of underground boredom to keep up.  

A strong contender for BBC bleeping, there’s a total of zero fucks given which is more than enough to get us hooked. Chugging instrumentals make for perfectly breathable and consistent backing; How dare you, I’m the best at what I do!” Shaw informs and yeah… she’s not wrong. 

Header photo by Hanna Katrina