Listen: Dry Cleaning Share ‘Strong Feelings’ and Announce Debut Album ‘New Long Leg’

Picture this. Packed in shoulder-to-shoulder (those were the days) at the office party, with the beige clad post-punks taking it in polite turn to shout-sing their feelings to your left, and the dreampop rabble getting the dancing going with some form of spiritual movement to your right. An enjoyable shindig indeed. That said, it’s South London based Dry Cleaning who have the right idea, making their own fun in the carpark with easy-going exploits of experimental musicianship. Now, with new single ‘Strong Feelings’ and the announcement of their debut LP ‘New Long Leg’, they’re your best bet for livening up this less than lively year. 

Easing in and stretching out, lyricist Florence Shaw’s lax vocals lead a grungey cohort of pulsating bass and sure-footed percussion. A skewed tale of unspoken feelings, you can’t help but relate to Shaw’s reckless acts such as, “Spent £17 on mushrooms for you cause I’m silly” – we’ve all been there in the name of love, right? Topped off with shoegazing riffs and a pixilated visual guide on road building basics, courtesy of guitarist Tom Dowse, you’ve got yourself one hell of an alternative love song this Valentine’s Day. 

From ‘Strong Feelings’ to the album itself, the four-piece promise to explore the realms of dissociation, escapism, daydreaming, complicated feelings of love, anger, revenge, anxiety, the kitchen, lethargy, forgetfulness, and survival. A complex and compelling list to the say least. Speaking on ‘New Long Leg’ Shaw comments, “the title is ambiguous; a new long leg could be an expensive present or a growth or a table repair.” Whatever it is, it promises all the subtle charm of previous EP’s. 

From a karaoke party in 2017 to the all-important LP debut, Dry Cleaning have certainly come a long way – With an esteemed discography already under their belt. Time to head to their Spotify, rinse the tunes of former years and wait patiently for album release day. 

The ‘New Long Leg’ LP will be released on 2nd April 2021. Pre order ‘New Long Leg’ here.

Photo by Steve Gullick