Watch: Dutch collective Personal Trainer release ‘The Lazer’ via Holm Front

Personal Trainer, an ever changing group from Amsterdam who have sported members of Canshaker Pi and Pip Blom, are pretty difficult to find.

That probably won’t be the case for much longer though, as Sports Team have welcomed them onto their Holm Front label, the group unanimous in their excitement about this band that they just so happened to catch live unexpectedly and signed right there and then. You can see why from ‘The Lazer’, the canny lead-single that you wont be able to pull yourself away from.

‘The Lazer’ is a loose and irreverent introduction, sharp in wit yet undeniably exuberant. Willem Smit is the unrestricted lead, leisurely taking hits at society’s expectations as a near constant chorus loops numerous times with abandon and building animation. It’s an understated and slow burning joy – full of subtlety that you can’t help but return to.