Listen: echo northstar Shares New Single ‘waking up’

Wasting no time in seeing in the New Year, echo northstar has released his latest single ‘waking up’ alongside B-side ‘pu gnikaw’.

Quickly getting started on his 2024 releases, New Year’s Day saw a new single and B-side from upcoming Irish artist, echo northstar. Following a fruitful introduction in 2023 (Listen to ‘Silent fears’ here) , echo describes this new release, ‘waking up’, as “the essence of joy and destruction in childhood, finding an old toy and rediscovering the ancient secrets it withholds”.

With his influences spanning across the likes of Neil Young, Thom Yorke, and John Lennon, there is a consistency in the tone of echo northstar, a recognisable style that is serene at its core. ‘waking up’ is brooding and sombre – a stripped-back, reverb-laden, piano-backed release that shows a new side to echo. This new, slower side is further instated by the track’s ambient B-side, ‘pu gnikaw’, a swirling and airy partner to the already dreamy single.

In this slight diversion from what we’ve heard from echo before, we can expect a nod toward his developing debut EP, ‘things I wish I could say’. Based in a quiet seaside village, echo has struck an endearing mix in his compositions, a mix that ultimately crafts something peaceful.

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Photo by Dónal Talbot

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