Listen: Edinburgh’s Cheap Teeth Share New Single ‘Animal Fat’

With new technologies around every corner, it won’t be long before we’re onto iPhone 99, downloading our memories and waking up to holograms serving us bacon and eggs in the morning. An inviting thought? One band that sympathise with our seemingly fragile and ‘outdated’ human state, is Edinburgh’s, Cheap Teeth and their latest single ‘Animal Fat’. 

A definitive nod to proto-punk, jarring guitars make way for the track’s rousing melody. With all the richness of Jonathan Richman and zealous gusto of Richard Hell, frontman Joe Laycock’s vocals are drenched in the sounds of a 70’s New York dive bar. Matched with an organic crescendo of stabbing riffs and hot-headed percussion, you’ll soon be chanting tales of mortal camaraderie alongside the narratives fated ‘fickle man’. 

Recorded straight to tape by producer Chris McCrory, the track achieves an intangible sense of warmth and earthiness from its Analog beginnings. Add this rare quality to the single’s high-octane nature, and we can all but wait impatiently to hear the four-piece expel it live on an oh so sweaty grassroots stage. With June 21st shaping up to be a new national holiday, let’s stay strong, keep the faith and in the meantime – get geared up with ‘Animal Fat’ blasting out of the speakers.