Listen: Edinburgh’s No Windows Share New Single ‘Song 01’ via Fat Possum

And they’re back! Standing beside artists such as Widowspeak, Cocteau Twins & Elliot Smith, No Windows return with their latest single ‘Song 01’ which is the introductory glimpse into their forthcoming EP ‘Point Nemo’out via Fat Possum later this year.

Described by singer Verity as ‘lyrically bleak and cold’ (much like this torturously freezing weather spell in the UK right now), this track expands on the already robust shoegazey canon developed by the Edinburgh based duo over the last few years. Although this track draws on Selby’s Requiem For A Dream to create feelings of dread and isolation, ‘Song 01’ sounds remarkably hopeful. Morgan’s woozy, distorted guitar melody rises up the neck resolving satisfyingly at the end of each phrasing. There’s even an excellent acoustic middle eight! The final verse witnesses the song breaking down, here is where we descend into chaos.

As ever, brilliant, mature songwriting from a duo who simply don’t miss. Cannot wait to hear what’s next.

Photo by Humble Film Productions

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