Sleeves: Edinburgh’s No Windows Share Their Favourite Record Sleeves

Edinburgh’s No Windows Share Their Favourite Record Sleeves.

We first started making noise about Edinburgh duo, No Windows in 2022 whilst Verity and Morgan were still in school. Their academic development at that point was paired with the release of debut EP, ‘Fish Boy’, a collection of songs created off the back of an instagram advert looking for like minded heads at the age of fourteen. With Mac De Marco as a mutual starting point, the EP travelled dreamier soundscapes and marked the beginning of a dominant period for shoegaze leaning songwriting.

Now signed to Fat Possum, and recent winners of the Sound Of Young Scotland, No Windows have just released their second EP ‘Point Nemo’- a body of work which confirmed all those excited thoughts around the duos potential, delivering intimate, more melodic songwriting and growth towards a sound they can claim more for their own.

The release of ‘Point Nemo’ created the perfect moment to ask the band to take part in Sleeves, sharing the story behind their artwork and sharing some of their favourite album covers.

Hey No Windows, thanks for getting involved. Could you tell us about the artwork for your new EP ‘Point Nemo’?

The cover art for ‘Point Nemo’ was captured by our dear friend and incredible photographer Rosie Sco. We did the shoot on the morning of my 18th birthday. It took place at Cramond Island in Edinburgh, and we had to be there at around 8:00am so we didn’t get caught by the tide. Needless to say, I wasn’t at my best. I like that we were literally up against the time, no time to set up the perfect shot it was us vs the incoming tide. The picture was captured while we were running to the location of the next photo. We had no idea Rosie was taking the picture while it happened. I like that the cover is us completely unaware of the fact our picture was being taken, no time to fix our hair or pose for the camera. We look back on that moment and that day really fondly, I would recommend it as an 18th birthday activity! 

Thank you for sharing. Now could you tell us about five record sleeves that have influenced No Windows in life, emotionally, or in creative direction?

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

‘Pink Moon’ is one of my favourite records ever, I love the sleeve because it’s so surreal. It doesn’t feel like an obvious choice for such a stripped back folk record. You’d expect it to be something based in reality like a still picture or portrait. I couldn’t really say what it actually is but from looking at it as im writing this, there’s a moon with a slice of cheese with a basil leaf and rope coming out of it, with a clown ghost thing, a postcard with a rocket taking off, and a little walnut looking thing in the corner. Mental. It’s one of those sleeves that you can just stare at while listening to the record and find yourself entering its odd, surreal world.

Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding

I think this one has more of a personal connection to me. The cover itself is great, it’s quite literally a picture of some men building a ship. I think I’m always drawn to covers that are hand painted, it’s so cool knowing someone has dug their fingers into what you’re looking at it. I only became aware of the song / cover at a vinyl fair in the town Centre of Llandudno, Wales about 5 years ago. I was there visiting family and reluctantly I was dragged along to this record fair. I was the youngest person there by about 40 years and nothing really took my interest. However, my dad saw the record and is a massive fan of Robert Wyatt so he picked it up and it’s since became one of my favourite songs.  

Stereolab – ‘Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2)’

Or any album cover by Sterolab, they are all so creative. I think it’s so striking and fits the songs on the album so well. I love designs with a simple cartoony character on them, it definitely inspired the No Windows logo! It’s also definitely something I would get tattooed at some point. Here’s a picture of my dog posing with my copy of the album. 

Burial – Untrue

Again, a very simple album design but I think the colour scheme and the visual work with the music on the album so well. It’s one of those covers that is instantly recognisable, and somehow you can even tell the genre by the cover! Here is me posing with my CD. 

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92

It’s just so iconic and it works so well. Again, one of those albums you see in a record shop and instantly recognise. I think the theme is that I love simple album covers. Aphex Twin was also my late uncle’s favourite artist so whenever I see this cover I am always reminded of him which I think is really sweet.

Thank you for sharing these sleeves with us, No Windows!

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