Listen: Ellie Bleach Returns with ‘Whole Lotta Nothing’ via Sad Club Records

London-based singer, Ellie Bleach, balances loneliness with wit and delivers a powerful and cathartic performance in her latest single.

With an EP release and a UK Headline tour on the horizon, Ellie Bleach is proving to be one of the most exciting new alternative pop artists, and ‘Whole Lotta Nothing’ is a perfect representation of Bleach’s sound. Instrumentally the track begins as a soft rock waltz with a jazzy guitar and keys and a smooth bass line tying the piece down. As we progress, the texture thickens as we get a luscious saxophone solo and eventually a string quartet makes an appearance for a powerful finish. Lyrically, Bleach harbours themes of desperation, self-depreciation, and longing delivered through comedic and iconic language. 

On the new track, Bleach says “I wrote this track during a time I too was dating and feeling equal measures of cynicism and deep longing, two feelings at odds with each other and yet comfortable in their coexistence. I wanted ‘Whole Lotta Nothing’ to sound like a dive bar at 3 am as if the narrator is singing to an empty room besides the janitor and barkeep. The ‘Limelight Motel’ where this song is set finds itself the backdrop to suburban melodrama, as it reveals another snapshot of the townsfolk residing in West Feldwood.”

Photo by Eleni Papachristodoulou

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