Listen: Empath Return and Share New Single ‘Born 100 Times’ via Fat Possum

Philadelphia’s Empath share their latest single ‘Born 100 Times’, via Fat Possum Records.

The first offering since the quartet’s critically acclaimed 2019 debut record, ‘Active Listening: Night On Earth’, ‘Born 100 Times’ is a riotous display of mischievous sentiment that charismatically re-introduces the world to the earnest freak-out that is, Empath. 

With an emotive range that shimmies restlessly between the hook-laden sincerity of Dutch darlings Pip Blom, and the leisured alt-fuzz of The Lovely Eggs, in ‘Born 100 Times’, Empath re-structure the meaning of captured joy, and then offer out morsels of enthusiastically chewed pluck to anyone with a taste for living in the moment.

A total treasure of flurried nostalgia and tastefully-curated chaos- like a bottomless trunk of assorted silk scarves in the in the window of an overflowing retro-store, Empath emulate adolescent familiarity, perky-patchwork-Pop and in their own words: “uninhibited fun”, with a genuine eye (or rather, ear) for self-sustainable goodness. 

Whether you’re ready or not, there’s something here for the gleeful thrill-seeker in us all. Brief, semi-sweet and ever-so-slightly exhausting, ‘Born 100 Times’ may only have a temperament lasting two-minutes, but rest assured their madcap eagerness will, to some degree, sweep you off your feet. 

Photo by Marie Lin

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