Listen: Endless Digital Birthdays share ‘GMRGRLMST’

Endless Digital Birthdays are one of the most exciting new acts in the world. A 16-member multimedia collective of which 5 comprise the band, they follow the release of incendiary first single V10 with ‘GMRGRLMST’, a 3-minute blessing of writhing bass lines, lasciviously sneered lyrics and unabashed digital maximalism.

Their blend of sleaze and glamour is underpinned by a razor-sharp sardonic lyricism (I wish she was an employee, so I could pay her off / I’d find that fucking hot (if I could pay her off)) and precision musicianship that allows them to realise the scope of their vision without feeling contrived. It’s all quite evocative of the direction HMLTD promised to be heading in before major label money and a fascination with Gucci gave us their period of tepid pop functionality.

For a group so clearly conscious of their aesthetic (their live show, too, is fantastic), what also strikes is the enigmatic aura exuded by the collective, with the band particularly reticent to expand on the motives behind their art. It very much feels that they are content to build their universe before they completely immerse us within it, hitting that golden point of songs you can imagine soundtracking your trendy art school friends’ exhibitions, but that wouldn’t feel out of place playing at some sort of quasi-lurid latex party 20 years in the future.

With this being the second in a string of four planned releases, Endless Digital Birthdays seem to have a plan to take over the world – and I for one think that would be a brilliant world to reside in.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.