Listen: Endless Digital Birthdays unleash an absolute barrage with ‘V10’

An all encompassing, multi-faceted entity that experiments and explores the vast coves of visualisation, musicianship and the way that seamless bond correlates into art, Endless Digital Birthdays scratch an an all encompassing itch, to the point that your skin is red raw, pulsing and blistered by its intensity. A 16-member group that welcomes musicians, writers and artists to the fore, five of the members form the musical aspect of the project, and here have introduced us to the utterly encompassing ‘V10’.

An immensely overwhelming cascade of destructive drumming, oscillating, sweating synth and warped, oozing vocalisation – Endless Digital Birthdays enclose you in their world, something intentionally unanticipated and astonishing in its volatility. Yet while they came across as abstruse, perhaps incomprehensible in some suggestion, you don’t have to delve too deeply to appreciate the cohesiveness on offer. While the drumming is fraught and eruptive, it’s incredibly on point – pummelling jabs that don’t miss a single inch of your stomach as it bruises you, backing the wrenching vocals that swerve extremely from a gothic, nauseated sign of defeat into a spitting reprimand, folding within itself into a thunderous and immediate collapse.

This being the first of four monthly musical releases from them, we can only speculate what to expect next from this obviously prodigious and increasingly elusive collective.

Header Photo by Begum Yetis