Listen: English Teacher Share New Single ‘Nearly Daffodils’

Still walking the line between spoken word and explosive post-punk, English Teacher have released another new single, ‘Nearly Daffodils’, exploring the feelings of unfulfillment and the shame felt as life takes its course, derailing your potential.

Filled with unrelenting lyrics, powerhouse Lily Fontaine sings of wasted laughter, and finding a confident answer in why “the first nine months doesn’t count” – there is a strained sound of grief behind her vocals, mourning the loss of what could have been amongst juxtaposing verses reaffirming that she isn’t wasting her time. This track feels as earnest as the band’s two previous releases this year, ‘Song About Love’ and ‘The World’s Biggest Paving Slab’, but there is a prominent feeling of anguish behind the narrative that can’t be ignored.

Instrumentals by members Douglas Frost, Nicholas Eden, and Lewis Whiting slowly find their footing during the verses before clashing together for the bridge, showcasing the band’s capability of holding back and letting go in order to create great poignant moments within the track. ‘Nearly Daffodils’ is yet another track from English Teacher that wholeheartedly proves their place in the forefront of alternative music right now, with their flair for the experimental and satirical vocals deservedly and  consistently setting them apart from most musicians.

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Photo by Tatiana Pozuelo

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