Listen: English Teacher Share ‘R&B’ via the Nice Swan Introduces Series

In the absence of showcase festivals and support slots, London label Nice Swan have taken the opportunity to solidify their position as a stronghold for exciting new bands. After notable singles by Courting and Opus Kink, English Teacher’s ‘R&B’ is the next entry in the Nice Swan Introduces series.

Part of an inaugural compilation that will see the light of day in August, English Teacher waste no time in setting the wheels in motion on ‘R&B’. An expeditious bassline accompanies Lily Fontaine’s deadpan vocals. One minute in, however, ‘R&B’ turns out to be more than your typical Sprechgesang post-punk track. Within a few seconds, the song morphs into a sprawling anthem of soaring guitars and razor-sharp drums.

The Leeds quartet trade in their stolidity for a biting, passionate plea for contrariness, for not trying to be cool to live up to someone else’s expectations anymore. ‘If I have stuff to write, then why don’t I just write it or me’, Fontaine asks, shedding her pretensions and inhibitions. ‘Despite appearances I haven’t got the voice for R&B, even though I’ve seen more COLORS shows than KEXP’s,’ she adds, proving she’s right where she belongs fronting a decidedly cool emerging punk band.

Nice Swan Introduces Volume 1 is set to arrive August 30th.

Photo by Sara Carpentieri

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