Listen: Enjoyable Listens unveil the hopeful ‘Summer Hit’

It would probably be fair to say that as we enter whatever week of lockdown it is we’re in now, many of us are craving a sense of excitement or fervour that went awry long ago. Whether it’s a desire to feel the warmth of a loved one or simply to experience something new, we can all comfortably say that a lust for life is bubbling away at the surface and gasping to be released.

Yet in amidst the ensuing chaos, an urgent passion brims from the words of Luke Duffett on Enjoyable Listens’ new track, ‘Summer Hit’. We’ve heard tales of blossoming love throughout the history of popular music, but the way in which this crooning storyteller regales with his perception of events strikes a powerful chord. After a series of ruminations on previous relationships and their failings, Duffett seems to have a palpable sense of desire to make things work this time and the delivery really hits home. These are truly emotive lyrics penned from a heart worn on the sleeve.

Behind the prevailing sentimentality of the vocals is a fittingly melancholic yet breezy instrumental; synths that only add to the introspective nature of the track and a lilting guitar line that conjures a summery vibe (it is called ‘Summer Hit’ after all) complement each other masterfully. As a complete package, the duo of Duffett and Jamie Maurice have crafted an enrapturing ballad that serves a purpose of not only being a song of love but a song of hope, and every single expression in this track is sure to run deep. This is a resounding lift of a track for anyone in need of it.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.