Listen: Enola Gay Return with New Single ‘PTS.DUP’ via Modern Sky

Mobilised in the wake of a brutal attack on a band member that left them with a fractured skull, Enola Gay’s latest single, ‘PTS.DUP’, is a tempestuous retort against the blood-soaked sectarian violence that ensues in Northern Ireland.

Caught within the maelstrom proliferated due to the rise of “alt-right political parties, masquerading as conservatism, such as the DUP”, our beloved Belfast punk-quartet bludgeons the insidious indoctrination of animosity in a lost youth, who have been left to search for a sense of identity in turbulent political landscapes. “With talks of a united Ireland looming, we should consider how and why Unionists feel and fear that they will be left with nowhere to call home when they shouldn’t have to.”

In their first release since debut EP, ‘Gransha’, the incendiary noise-rock riffage that we’ve become so akin to, that we have longed so dearly for, returns as unflinching as ever. A merciless onslaught of searing guitars and unwavering vocals, met by the rhythmic industrial whirring of pummelling off-kilter techno, creating an anarchic fusion that defies categorisation.

As the pyres rise and the flags burn, Enola Gay spit back with skin-peeling acidity. What results is an explosive fusillade of catharsis, delivering a coup de grâce—or is this only the beginning? Perhaps only their upcoming EP will tell.

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.