Listen: Ethan P. Flynn Announces Debut Album ‘Abandon All Hope’ and Shares Title Track

What starts on a short, dangerous-sounding note, similar to the opening credits of a horror movie, swiftly explodes into a happy chappy melody, as Ethan P. Flynn boasts rhyming couplets and catchy guitar strings on his album title track, ‘Abandon All Hope’.

Arriving 6th October via Young, Flynn announces his first album ‘Abandon All Hope’ in the company its single namesake, previewing what’s yet to come. Exploring a reimagined 70s theme that plays an ode to greats like Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson, Ethan designs a foolproof coming-of-age record filled with jazzy chimes and folk undertones.

The track sails amongst electronic jingles that combined with Ethan’s psychedelic nature, drags this nostalgia infused tune into a contemporary world. Lyrics probe at navigating relationships and hitchhiking your 20s with lyrics like “now you feel like a centrefold” to turn this campfire anthem into a relatable, modern-day poem.

Ending on similar characteristics to the beginning of the song, more eerie accents follow stormy chaos as all instruments start to play in unison as if Ethan has come to his own conclusion about this inspired relationship.

Photo by Danny Lowe

The new issue of So Young is out now. Grab a copy in print here or read the digital edition below.