Listen: Ethan P. Flynn washes ashore with ‘What You Do To Me’

“He longs for a simpler life but the wheels have been set in motion” – Ethan P. Flynn. 

Caught between two well-worn practises, we’re all living through a global unifier of attempted accomplishments in an isolated period of progressive efforts. Are we existing to fulfil a greater sense of achievement or is there more to take from collective overwhelm than the effects of submersion on oneself?

Sadness is to life what life is to sadness and ‘What You Do To Me’, the latest single off of Ethan P. Flynn’s ‘B-Sides & Rarities Volume 1’, is the John Lewis advert of our ‘’Sadnecessary’ inspirations. 

When tugging on the universes heartstrings opens up the lace to a new brightness- a soul-absorbing comforter like a king-sized bed in a solar-plexus of folky-constellations or, a header board built out of a crescent moon flipped alternately so as to half-fake a smile whilst the eyes of tomorrow’s dawned awakening flutter tiredly, but with purpose; the London based “professional musician, amateur outdoorsman” releases a signal to first look left, then right, then towards your inner psyche before crossing any of life’s barriers. 

Keepin’ on so as to stay on the road less travelled with all the intuitive euphoria of a children’s novel, in ‘What You Do To Me’ Ethan P. Flynn is hunting down meaning in the land of Guildhall and lo-fi states of absent-mind. 

Maurice Sendak had a way with tears but Ethan P. Flynn, the King of the Indie ‘Wild Things’ is illustratively tender, wanting to “be where someone loved him best of all” whilst mindfully reminding us all to take a step back and embrace the fresh air.

You simply do not achieve whilst without a way, and ‘What You Do To Me’ is sentimental brightness signalling self-projectable hope, from a lighthouse in Winter Solstice. 

“Sad Music Plays” whilst environmental melancholy wreaks turmoil on home soil, waves of washed-up affection kiss the face of ambient rock as the current turns from crossroad to a directly gentle caress; to dance barefoot on sadness’ shoreline could well cause instant deep-rootedness, but Ethan P. Flynn has once again proven his core grounding mastery and that’s what makes him ever so wonderful.

Header Photo by Maxwell Granger

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