Listen: Family Time release new single ‘The Grand Collide’

Aspirational duo Family Time aren’t ones to hang about in the same place too often. Having been raised in Barcelona, their jet setting ways has led them to London, Mallorca and now Berlin, where they flit between the two capitals with pretty liberating freedom. Such frolicking has come to embody the liberation that you can find in their music, new single ‘The Grand Collide’ a luxuriously rich sounding aperitif filled with spacious turns.

‘The Grand Collide’ is a glorious affair, soliciting romantic resplendence in yearning synths, seductive guitar and an unfettered vocal that’s self-assured and ensuring everyone in the room is allured to the pair and gracefully letting go of their anxieties. It’s a perfectly timed piece of escapism, before the April showers and the over shadowing nature of the day to day bring us back down to earth.

Header Photo by Pol Conill