Watch: Family Time share single ‘Room 301’ ahead of debut album release

Barcelona birthed duo Family Time release ‘Room 301’ – a track with video accompaniment that humorously skims lo-fi pebbles over a sea of night time driven desire. 

Sensorially euphoric in an un-winding state of seasonal change, close your eyes and imagine a world in which Wes Anderson were to commission two well suited (in both literal and demeanour terms) protagonists to dorky-prance around a beautifully pastel harbour, all to a swooning Daft Punk style backing score that’s not too dissimilar to the noise made when singing into an underwater submerged bubble fan. It’s a whole lotta aesthetic, socks and sandals- it’s still a thing. 

Surface level, it may seem that all is well in the Family Time vacation of the soul but as day turns into night things turn a bit more Wonderland. What’s so satisfying about ‘Room 301’ is its sheer, straight-to-the-point effortlessness. Playing it totally cool, you could just as easily loop listen to this on the first morning bus to nowhere as you could on the night-bus home from everywhere- or both. Taking nuanced nerves and turning them into something totally marble (think smoothly speckled environment dissociation ) seems to have been the task at hand and boy do they deliver. 

Utterly transcending with glimmers of musky waved electronics and celestial harmonies, it’s pooled balm anxieties, tales of darkness and shadowed romance ‘with the lights off’. If block coloured moonrise were to have its own sound it might well be this.

Family Time play an album launch party on October 4th at Set, London. Full details and tickets here.