Listen: Famous release new single ‘Jack’s House’

Famous, unintentionally, are the antithesis of what a “band” are defined to be – yet without the unlikeable precocious image that comes to embody a group that may or may not categorise themselves outside of the traditional box. Unrestricted in the form that their creativity takes, whether it be through increasingly-focused exhibitions or inter-discipline performances, the group’s unlimited fervour comes across in vivid and animated ways that seems unquestionably genuine.

‘Jack’s House’, the new single from the six-piece, is an acutely anxious and rabid example of their perplexing narrative. Focused around an intensely pin-point rhythm section, Jack Merrett’s unflinching perception on the constant demand of adolescent life is foreboding and pivotally unavoidable. The way Merrett becomes increasingly more unhinged as he repeats “nothing really happens” embodies the callous vapidness of growing up in suburbia, where aspiration and vivacity grows up to die.

Live Dates

06/06/19 – Sebright Arms, London