Listen: Fat Dog Announce Debut Album ‘WOOF’ and Share Single ‘Running’

South London’s Fat Dog have already become legendary exponents of the sublime and ridiculous, ripping up any preconceived notion of cool and righteously wiping their arses with it. 

Madcap scientists with a blatant disregard for the healthy, sane and pure, latest single ‘Running’ has the feeling of glorious-hideous creation; the musical equivalent of the origin story to a virulent world-shattering disease that will soon end humanity as we know it. 

Fat Dog on the cover of So Young Issue Forty-Five (August 2023). Buy a copy here.

Heaping together toxic chemicals without due care or attention,  ‘Running’ delivers a light show of vicious reactions and life-threatening explosions that leave in their wake this most depraved and exquisite corpse. It might go down as Fat Dog’s signature tune. The song that might bring out more bruises and break more bones in mosh pits than any other before or since.

Try not to move. Try not to laugh. Try not to switch it off immediately or play it over again and again and again. What the fuck is going on. This is amazing.

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

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