Listen: Fat White Family are back with new single ‘Feet’

Prepare yourselves, for Fat White Family have returned. Yet this isn’t the bile-swilling, blood-spitting band of yesteryear, no no. This is a gyrating, orchestral, polished adaption of the devil you know, and could be even more menacing and destructive than before. Dare we say it, you are going to want to dance.

Having gone their separate ways in 2016, the group arrive back with a new sense of perspective, one that is heavily introduced on new single ‘Feet’. Where a down-trodden, foreboding rhythm was always subtly there in their arsenal, now it’s the centrepiece, sweating, salivating and exasperated. Slathered in stripped-back percussion, ominous orchestral swathes and a remarkable, auto-tuned vocal performance from Lias, they certainly come across as more inviting with their new found panache.

Yet that ominous sense of darkness that pervades their music was never going to evaporate, wherever their bedraggled minds were at. Lias stoically permeates the space with poetically religious intonations, seamlessly becoming more entranced and agitated before waves of auto-tune distort his voice to the point of incomprehensibility. It’s an entrancing and undeniably progressive new direction for a band who’s place and influence has been re-affirmed.

‘Feet’ has been added to The So Young List which you can listen to here.