Listen: FEET Have Shared ‘Sit Down’ from Upcoming Album ‘Make It Up’

Crease-pop slash post-punk rockers FEET are back with their latest single ‘Sit Down’, the third track lifted from their upcoming album ‘Make It Up’, which is set to be available on June 14th courtesy of Sub Cat Records.

Earworm triggering, FEET’s latest single is yet another example of the band’s unprecedented lyricism that can convert a simple act, such as sitting down, into an anthem for the doomed youth comparable to the satiric might of Oasis’s ‘The Importance of Being Idle’. ‘Sit Down’ is hook laden and packed to the brim with fuzzy, needling guitars that are bound to put a spring in your step.

Speaking on ‘Sit Down’, vocalist and frontman George Haverson stated: “The triumphant parking of your derrière is an active form of protest against our capitalist overlords. ‘Sit down’ is a celebration of that protest and our ongoing fight with gravity. We sit next to people everyday of our lives and that shared collective pause is a pretty central part of the human experience. Recognise the power of this ’non action’ and pull up a chair.”

Photo by Millie Cope

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