Listen: Feet Share New Single ‘Changing My Mind Again’

Feet Share New Single ‘Changing My Mind Again’.

Indecisiveness. It’s safe to say we’ve all been guilty of back tracking, U-turns and throwing the towel in – only to wake up in a regretful blind panic the next day. Feeling crappy-go-lucky on their new single ‘Changing My Mind Again’, North London five-piece FEET return in a bid to make light of this common misgiving. 

A dizzying cocktail of frenzied guitars and throbbing bass, the track’s pogoing melody packs one heck of a punch. Garnished with the slick vocals of jaunty frontman George Haverson, the lads pay a hat-tipped nod to their wayward punk forefathers of the 1970’s. Not ones for self-indulgence, this latest bop will have you fired up and burned out in just shy of 2 and a half minutes.  

Commenting on the single, Haverson explains: “There’s always a level of uncertainty that hangs on my decisions I’ve found, particularly now in my mid 20s. With age comes consequences. The band even embody the same indecisiveness when playing the song. Half the time Harry and Rains are swapping parts so much, they don’t even realise who’s playing what. Best to not think about it too much and roll the dice I reckon – the wheels haven’t come off yet”.

Marking an exhilarating start to a support tour with Inhaler later this month, FEET are all set to take this year by the bull-sized horns. A buoyant follow up to ‘Can’t Get In’, it’s time to take a sip of what their having and take life with a pinch of salt.

Photo by Katie Burdon

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